Star Program of applied learning in Image Consultancy and Soft Skills Training is a comprehensive, well defined and credible program that nurtures and equips you to become a Certified Image Consultant and/or  Certified Soft Skills Trainer…

                                PROGRAM 1


      Training on modules covering

  • Power of Personal Appearance (Art of First Impression & Clothes Power)
  • Personal/Professional Image Scale
  • Clothing Design Elements (Line, Shape, Colour, Texture & Pattern)
  • Principles of Design Elements
  • Dressing as per Body Shape
  • Face Shape Evaluation
  • Colour Cosmetics (Make up)
  • Grooming
  • Wardrobe Management (Clustering, Evaluation, Smart Shopping)

                                   PROGRAM 2


      Training on modules covering

  • Personality Development
  • Communication Skills
  • General / Social & Business Etiquette
  • Team Management
  • Leadership Skills
  • Emotional Intelligence/Empathy
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Stress Management
  • Customer Service
  • Time Management
  • Train the Trainer (Public speaking, Presentation skills, Goal setting, Time management, Objectives, Content and Summary writing, Training needs)


  • Star Program will be conducted once a week over a full day – (6 months course).

  • Enrol for either one Business program or both programs from the Star Program.

  • Live Virtual & Physical Training.

  • The Star Program will stand cancelled in case the candidate is absent for 2 consecutive months.

  • Certificate will be issued to candidates on successful completion of the program, project activities, assignments & practicals. (Based on Performance & Grades)